Doctor Who 4×01, Partners in Crime

Or as Bee says “Donna is going to drive me barmy”. She can be overwhelming. I just hope the universe is ready for her. I liked her. She seems a bot more focussed than she was in Runaway Bride, even if she did appear to be drifting.

So was her Granddad the one who manned the newsstand in Voyage of the Damned? Same actor. I’d like to think he was. Shows where Donna got her stubbornness from. 😛

The Doctor so needs someone to travel with him. He needs someone to talk to, as that scene in the TARDIS showed. Even f he had forgotten that he asked Donna two years ago. And I think Donna will be good for him. Not another Companion who swoons over him. “You’re not mating with me, sunshine!”

I was touched by the way the Doctor talked about Martha. So she was more than just a replacement for Rose, in the end.

“She fancied me.”
“Blind Martha. Charity Martha.”

The Adipose were cute, in a fatty kind of way. And like the Doctor said, it wasn’t their fault. Though Miss Foster should have known better.

As for Rose…eurgh. I don’t like her appearing like that.


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