Doctor Who 4×06, The Doctor’s Daughter

Ok, so she is just a clone. Which is better than some of the fan-speculations I’ve seen. Though how being made from rearranging the Doctor’s DNA makes you nimble enough to star in Mission Impossible, is beyond me.

All in all, it was a rather meh-episode. Martha was ill-used, if not completely redundant. Sure, she showed spunk by traipsing around on the surface, instead of staying underground with her Hath-friend Peck, waiting for the Doctor to save her. Even so, she had nothing to do.

The moment Jenny got told she could travel with Dad, you knew she’d die. You didn’t know she’d come back in imitation of Spock in the third ST-movie, but I should have guessed, since it had occurred to me that the machine was like the Genesis-device. And she’s not a Timelady, is she? Just Gallifreyan.

It got a bit too preachy near the end. “Build this society on the foundation of the man who would never!” Bollocks. As was his rant about genocide. You could hardly breathe for all the hypocrisy surrounding him right then.

Next week: Agatha Christie. And Wiki tells me that yes, the ep is set during her disappearance.


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