Doctor Who 4×07, The Unicorn and the Wasp

Between Mum and me, we got about 10-13 titles. Bee supplied some more, since he read the books in English. It was very silly, though.

I thought miss Redmond was the illegitimate kid, which is a thought I had even before we found out Lady Eddison spent six months locked in a room for ‘malaria’. To be honest, Mum right after that revelation posited the pregnancy.

Hee, Donna calling the Doctor on his smelling-bluff was brilliant. Do all Companion in NewWho have to kiss the Doctor? It’s getting a bit silly. As are the bit-characters commenting on the relationship between the Doctor and Donna.

We need more Doctor reminiscing about his past and getting out the memory-chest. Maybe get out the ‘D’, for Dickens. Just to show Donna that he did meet the man. (And I just realised the connection between that story and the one Dickens wrote about Scrooge. Woe.)

If this Agatha was anything like the real Agatha, then she must have been a very smart woman. Of course, with the books she wrote, she had to be.


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