Dr Who 4×08, Silence in the Library

Steve Moffat is made of win. He really really is. I liked the build-up of suspense in this episode. Yes, there is something wrong, horribly horribly wrong. But just what that is, you don’t find out until thirty minutes into it. Poor miss Evangelista, with her IQ of plankton. She did try, didn’t she?

“People all over have always had an irrational fear of the dark. But it’s not irrational.” Make up your mind, Doctor! “There’s something in there, the Vashta Nerada.” What are those? Piranhas in the shadows. I’d be scared. *wants a night light now.*

Will we see the Doctor meeting River Song in Season 4? I do hope so, it’s too important to shunt off into S5.

I feel sorry for the little girl, even if she is CAL retreated into a fantasy-world. She doesn’t see it that way, yet. Like John Smith in Family of Blood/Human Nature.

The ghosting-process is creepy, heartbreaking and used to very excellent scare-tactics.

Poor Donna. The way she showed up on that courtersy-node was somewhat unexpected. She’ll so kill the Doctor for this. *glee.*

Hail the Moffat, everyone.


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