Sex and the single vampire, by Katie MacAlister

Well, it’s chicklit, so you know Allie and Christian are going to be shagging before the book’s out. Still, I quite liked the bickering they had going on, and would have liked more of that before they jumped into the sack together.

So, the deal is this: there’s Moravians, who are as far as I can tell, vampires. Males have a Beloved somewhere in the world. A soulmate, to redeem their souls. Why females don’t have one, we’re not told. They just don’t need the redemption, since they’re not basically damned like the men.

For Christian, it’s Allegra Telford. She’s not too happy, since she doesn’t like commanding and dominant men after her abusive marriage. She herself works as a Summoner, albeit not one who has had a lot of succes. Much to the despair of the ghost she does manage to Summon, she doesn’t care about her looks, or how to catch a man. Christian prefers feminine, demure little women. Three guesses how well they hit it off, and the first tow don’t count. They do warm up to each other (because the whole Beloved-thing can’t be denied) and shag. And shag, and shag. And trying to find an old friend of Christian’s. And shag. And bicker, because even being soulmates doesn’t mean all is well in lovey-dovey let-us-share-blood-land. And go after ARMPIT.

Why exactly ARMPIT (yes, that is really what they are called. They’re a shady organisation of paranormals and psychics, who want to exploit ghosts) wants either of them, is still unclear to me. Allie does have some powers, I’ll admit that, but nothing out of the extraordinary. Well, not until she’s Joined with Christian, that is.

Oh no, wait. It’s a plot for renewed power by Asmodeus. He needs a Beloved to sacrifice herself for her Moravian. How that works exactly, we’re not told. The dangers of setting books in first person (it’s told from Allie’s point of view), you miss details like that. We do know Asmodeus is feeding the leaders of ARMPIT with demonic powers, in exchange for their help.

The writing is a bit clunky in places, which considering it’s not her first book, makes you wonder why she hasn’t learned. And I am this close to developing an allergy to two people having mindblowing, simultaneous orgasms-inducing sex together. As I dislike the whole soulmate-trope. Can’t we write vampire-love without this trite crap?


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