From Hell

From Hell, a movie about Jack the Ripper based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. I don’t know what I think of it. It was nicely shot, I’ll give it that. I was rather interested in seeing it, since I’m interested in serial killers and it has Johnny Depp in it. In the end it was all so convoluted. The ladies of the night got murdered because they were present when Prince Albert married one of their coworkers, Anne, who he had a child with. And that child could cause a rift in Britain, seeing she could have a claim to the throne later on. (Unclear to me was whether she’d been born out of wedlock. Given that the marriage was in a Catholic church, it seems doubtful.)

The Ripper turns out to be Sir William Gull, played by Ian Holmes, who’s the royal physician, and also a Mason. When in doubt, blame the Masons. *sneers.* Mad as a hatter, as well he is. I thought it a waste of a sympathetic character, because he was in the first half of the movie. I would have put my money on Dr Ferral (though he would have been too obvious).

Depp’s accent as Abberline reminded me too much of Sparrow, who he almost resembled but for the lack of a ship and the syphilis. He had a very subdued role, seeming to be mainly high on opium, or having visions that lacked a real goal other than assuring Mary Kelly she’d return to Ireland. Which she did, with the child of Anne and Albert, without Abberline, who stayed in London to fool the Masons into thinking they got every last victim. Then he dead from opium. Cop-out. Rather he’d stayed alive and grown old(er).

Did they even say ‘Fuck’ in the 1880’s?


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