Once bitten, twice shy, by Jennifer Rardin

I do hope Jaz and Vayl are not going to end up together. Besides, he’s an undead, what are the odds he would be able to get it up? Quite apart from that, it was a good read. If you don’t mind a protagonist with more emotional luggage than Heathrow’s new failing handling system, and Powers out the wazoo. (Short story: she was the teamleader of a bunch of Helsingers [vampire-slayers], who got messily killed. One of them was her fiancé. One of the others her brother’s wife. Things got a bit awkward after that, she transferred to the Agency, and finally went to work for Vayl.)

Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Parks has the preservational instincts of a depressed lemming. One with martial arts-training, and access to big guns.

There’s snark ahoy, and weird comparisons which can get a bit tiring after a while. Also, the plot was exciting enough without dragging in a big-ass demon who wants to eat the world. No, she really does want to eat it. Or the sub-plot about Jaz becoming Vayl’s amvhar, which seems to be something like Keeper of his Soul, or somesuch crap.

Frankly, I’d like it better, if she does have to end up shagging someone, it’d be Cole. He’s a P.I and maybe a bit too fond of looking at the ladies for Jaz’s taste, but at least he’s human. Not she is one anymore, technically. Something to do with dying, and getting conscripted into a sort of Angel-ship. I think.

It was too American. I mean, it seemed like the rest of the world didn’t matter, only America. It starts to chafe a bit after two hundred pages.


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