Morbidity 2

So I saw a dead rat on the way home this morning. Most of the route home takes me past the Merwede-canal. Being weird (hey, in my defense I was operating on very little sleep), I decided to make a few pictures before dragging it into the grass whence it had come from, before people’d ride over its body. It makes a mess, and it’s bad enough it got killed without having its body further mutilated.

I am not so weird that I’ll touch a dead rat with my bare hands, but I found some paper with which to drag it to the grass. And then, a copcar appeared, and stopped next to me. There were two of them, and the driver leaned out his window. Probably to make sure I was all right, and not doing anything weird.

Cop: “Good evening. Oh hey, a dead animal.”
Me: “Yeah, I’m just dragging it to the side to stop people riding over it.”
Cop: “Good idea.” And then they drove off.

The rat got to the grass, where the bugs will have an easier time returning it to its natural state. (Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.)

(Pics have some blood and gore in them.) The close-ups were too blurry.
Photobucket It was a big one, almost as big as my hand. Probably got hit when it was trying to get to the other side of the road.

Photobucket It did feel odd touching him, even through paper. Given the blood, he hadn’t been dead long: it left long smears on the tarmac.


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