Dr Who 4×09, The Forest of the Dead

We’ve descended into Hell? 😛

After last week’s rather awesome episode and set-up for this one…well, maybe ‘lacking’ isn’t the right word. But I wasn’t as wowed as I was then. I liked River Song, and I am wondering when we’ll see more of her. (Because they can’t throw her in, and then never return her. Even in a show that’s as crazy with its own canon as Dr Who is.) Can’t say I quite agree with her sacrifice. She was someone who knew the Doctor really well. “He’s too stupid to live sometimes.” *snerk*

Who’s with me that they got married? Honestly, who else would he tell his real name? If that happens in-series, half the fangirls will have a stroke on the spot. There’s enough of them that hate River Song as is.

Bee thinks Donna will leave the series by finding Lee and going off with him. It’s a possibility, but really, they never had a life together in the Matrix, did they? They had snapshots, that’s all.

“Gorgeous, adores me, and hardly speaks a word. What does that say about me?”

“Everything. Sorry, did I say everything? I meant nothing.” Smooth. 😛


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