I finally saw the movie last week (I was late, but I was also late in seeing Firefly.) Darn that Whedon. Darn him to heck. He killed Wash. I may never forgive him for that. Wash was cool, and we need someone to keep Zoe from merging with Mal. (Not in the sexual sense. She could do with becoming more of her own person instead of still following Mal’s orders. “What this marriage needs, is one less husband.Right now it’s kind of crowded.”)

Shepherd Book died as well. But his role was so small, it made you wonder why he was even in there. Like Inara. Were it not for the fact that you can’t have Firefly without Inara, and the UST between her and Mal, the movie could have done without her. On the other hand, Mal would not have met the Operative.

Who was freaking scary. He works for a government who thinks that cutting into people’s heads is conducive for a better and sinless world, and he doesn’t care about that. He has faith. The kind of faith you can moor ships on. But he does get a change of heart when he sees how Reavers came about? Doesn’t really compute for me.

So what’s all this talk about River being an alien? Never saw any evidence of that.

For all he’s trying to be tough and cynical, Mal is a soft touch.

Simon and Kaylee finally got together. Yay! They make a cute couple.

Still pissed at Whedon. *goes off to watch War Stories.*


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