Grr, ads

I like books. There’s not much that pleases me more than a new, uncracked-spine, new-smelling book. Getting one is bliss, and reading is part of me. I can’t do without it. However, the fact that I like reading doesn’t mean that I expect everybody to be like me. Different folks, different strokes. Sure, I can secretly hope that all the world starts reading, but it’s not likely to happen, is it? Other people like to play video-games, or go rock climbing.

That is why I am starting to dislike those ads with Wim T. Schippers.

“What shall we get Dad for Father’s Day?”*
“A bike basket?”
Voice-over: “A book.”
“Nah, he has one of those already.”
V.O: “A boo-ook.”
“How about a self-folding screwdriver?”
“What would he want with that?”
V.O: “A book! Because you never get enough of books.”

Yeah, right. There’s enough people who wouldn’t want a book to read, mainly because they don’t like to read. So stop pestering them.

*This is a compilation of several ads, since they have been running since last year for teh various holidays, like St Nick’s, Christmas, and Mother’s Day.


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