Cheaper than daily phoning

For the blog chain, Razib Ahmed wrote here about married life. I am far from married myself, though hoping to be someday soon. It does mean I can’t talk much about that sacred institution. Yet. 😛

Heh, the Internet. That’s how I met my partner. Going on four years ago now, meeting on Wizards because we were both playing in the same high-drama RP on Wizards (Yes, being threatened by a God-killer does count as high drama for me.) (We also had our very own drama-llama, but she doesn’t figure in this story much, even if she was a huge Mary-Sue. Eurgh.) And you get to talking over IM, and to know each other, and you find out you have a) things in common, and b) don’t live too far from each other (not counting the sea). So you fly out to meet for the first time, and the spark you had online translates into real life. Those were a good two weeks. All the times we have spent together have been nice. Last time I saw him was October 2007, when my sister got married.

Like I said, four years ago now. We still don’t live together, but we’re as happy as we can be, this far apart. Some people have it worse, having the Atlantic in between them. And we still have the Internet to stay connected (cheaper than daily phoning).

My man is a total geek, who keeps himself stocked in D&D and paper crack. Who calls me on Saturday-evening so we can talk about Dr Who. That’s about the best part of the show, talking to him about it.

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11 thoughts on “Cheaper than daily phoning

  1. When my dad and stepmom were dating they had the entire north american continent and the pacific ocean between them. She is from the Philippines and he is in Florida. They dated for 3 years and got married.

    My fiance and I are only 4 hours apart but with work schedules and school we don’t really get to see each other. This Fourth of July weekend will be the third time we physically see each other. Thank God for free minutes after 9pm. He just got a computer so I’m hoping he gets internet access then I’ll introduce him to Skype and video conferencing.

  2. My husband and I met in ’88 – before the internet. We lived three hours apart for the first year of that relationship. He finally moved here. We’ve been married 14 years as of tomorrow.

  3. My husband and I have never lived more than an hour apart (since we met), but we were separated by the gulf of time. I am 4 years his junior, and since he met me when I was 16, there were some obvious problems with our relationship from the get-go. We once spent three months apart and incommunicado because his sense of honor demanded it, and came out stronger on the other side.

  4. In my case, I have the Atlantic in the way. The distance isn’t the big issue though. It’s the legal stuff. You’d think it would be easy to move from the UK to America, or vice versa, but it isn’t.

  5. My girlfriend and I survived our first two years with me in Boston and her in Columbus–which, from a purely financial and logisical standpoint might as well have been the Atlantic. We met at a screening of The Last Dragon, got to know each other by talking about how much we hate other people, and now spend our evenings talking about Gene Wolfe and British history (I’m actually watching The Madness of King George right now, so there you go).

    What I’m saying is, I empathize and good luck.

  6. I’m single. But I think I’d prefer a long distance relationship. I like to be alone most of the time. Men don’t understand that. A long distance relationship will give me the space I need, without having to explain to the guy that I don’t want to spend all my time with him.

  7. @Rosemerry: “He just got a computer so I’m hoping he gets internet access then I’ll introduce him to Skype and video conferencing.” IM-services are a gift from Heaven, aren’t they?

    @Freshhell: How did you meet? Smoke-messages? 😛

    @Kathleen: I can see why he was a bit wary at first. It’s good to see your relationship survived that.

    @Polenth: I’ve heard the same from other Americans who moved to the UK. It’s very weird, yes. Being in Europe, I think I’ll have a slightly easier time, but sometimes I wonder.

    @Samuel: Thanks for the encouragement.

    @Auria: It depends on the man, of course. It wouldn’t work for me either: I like being physically close as well.

  8. We met through mutual friends. His best friend was my roommate for a time while we were both (still) in college. No smoke signals. They had regular desktop phones back then. We used them a lot during that commuting year.

  9. I like the entry and all the comments. It is interesting for me to see that most of you are engaged in a long lasting relationship. Well, many people around me think that Americans change their mates very frequently. Well, they have got this kind of idea by watching Hollywood movies and American TV series.

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