Dr Who 4×10, Midnight

The mechanic-in-training reminded me of Mickey. I want Mickey back, *woe*.

As much as I’ve grown to like Donna, having an ep she wasn’t in was quite nice. I think some of the tension, with the other passengers ganging up on the Doctor, would have been deflected if she had been there. I liked the cabin fever-feel of the ganging up. How long was it since the Doctor had to explain his actions? He’s been acting too much like everyone should follow his every order.

As it stood, I couldn’t quite feel sorry for the Hostess. Even the Doctor didn’t know her name, and he talked to the others. That was the big problem with her: there was not enough shown of her to make you care that she sacrificed herself.

We never did find out what the creature was, did we? I’d like to know, but it doesn’t take away from this episode. It still worked. “She’s talking with his voice!”

DeeDee needs a spine, and her teacher a good kick in the pants. You’re never too old to learn basic civility.


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