Dr Who 4×12, Stolen Earth

Of course the bees mattered! Martha (and her Mum. “It’s the end of the world, and you came home!” *Francine as glad as you can be under these cricumstances*)! Sarah Jane! Torchwood! Rose! Harriet Jones! No Brigadeer, sad to say. Or any other of his old companions, half of whom are dead, presumably. No Mickey, either. Dammit.

Is it me, or has Jack really gone overprotective of those that remain of his team? The moment he found out the enemies were Daleks, he just curled up and went passive. Until Harriet called, that is. Ianto was fab.

Jack:”I had a drink with a soldier.”
Ianto: “When was that?” Tell me, so I can eat his face!
Jack: “Strictly professional.” It’s like Frodo!Jack with Samwise!Ianto. *snerk.* And afterwards, with Jack gone, and Daleks invading the Hub, Gwen and Ianto going “Well, we’re not going down without a fight, damn you! We’re going down like Owen and Tosh.”

The Osterhagen key will be important in fending off the Daleks. Why do they always want Earth, though? Davros is insane, but we knew that already. These new Daleks are grown from cells from his own body wtf?!

Mel says he saw it coming, the Doctor getting shot down by the Dalek as he and Rose ran towards each other. I don;t think we’re going to get the 11th already,, since (metagaming) we haven’t heard Tennant’s contract has been stopped. I mean, they’re stopping shooting next year so he can swan off and play Hamlet on stage.

The Crucible will mean the end of life? y/y.

When the Doctor went all gloomy and pessimistic inside the TARDIS after they’d lost the trace (or so they thought), and only saw empty space where 27 planets were supposed to be, and Donna went “Don’t do this to me!”, I expected her to go ‘Does Donna have to choke a Doctor?’ and at least slap him or something. She’s very physical, is Donna.

*snerk* The Shadow Proclamation wanting the Doctor to lead the coming battle, and him legging it. You expected him to go “I’ve been a leader in a great war. Look where it got me. Get stuffed.”


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