Dr Who 4×13, Journey’s End

I have a good mind to EAT RUSSELL’S FACE! Because, honestly, having the Doctor wipe Donna’s mind? Not nice. Having Rose have the happy ending with the man of her dreams? Good on her, but rather unfair. In a sense, things worked out better for her. And that stinks. I like Rose, but to be honest, I like Donna better. She kicked arse. Having Mickey stay here instead of returning to live happily ever after with Jake? Woe! Though having Mickey join Torchwood here might be nice.

“Three Doctors? I can’t tell what I’m thinking right now.” Ah Jack, you have a dirty mind. *glee* Donna having a part of the Doctor’s mind, so brill. Her burning up…I knew it was going to happen. Dancing in the heart of stars is not for mere humans. The whole “I’m regenerating! Oh wait, now I’m not, since I’ve got a handy spare hand.”? I’d have settled for a new Doctor by this point.

As nice as it was to see what remained of Torchwood 3, and Sarah Jane, and Mickey and Jackie, and Martha…they were so underused. What did we see of Gwen and Ianto? That was a big problem: too many characters, not enough time for them to shine. Was Martha always this soppy? She came across as a wet hen, has seemed so for a while now. Sure, the Osterhagen Key is trouble on a grand scale, and a Bad Idea along the lines of Lucifer’s “I want to be God instead of God.” But she was so wet. It was rather disappointing. She did what she had to do, with no backbone.

The Crucible is a way to destroy reality. That’snice an all, but what are the Daleks going to rule? How do you rule Nothing? Davros really hated Creation, didn’t he? So, is this the end of the Daleks?

“You refuse to carry a gun. You turn your companions into weapons.” Some of the memories, the Doctor had nothing to with them. He didn’t turn them into anything. The Hostess? She did that all by herself. Likewise Astrid. Davros was full of it. Some, he does have a point. Not all of them.

I was under the impression Rose knew Jack had died on Satellite Five. Given her surprise, I was wrong. Huh.

Old-school Cybermen at Christmas are good, y/hy/mfy? *explodes in glee.*


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