So, yay!

*does the dance of having survived the journey and actually being in England.* England, yay! Bee, double yay! Bee having clotted cream = heaven.

Got Christmas-presents. From the in-laws I got shower-gels, Jelly Belly-style; a big bar of Toblerone (SiL’s favourite); and a 2008 Dr Who-calendar. It’s smashing. It has Tennant and Freema on the cover, and photos from S3 inside. Bee pointed out it’s nice, albeit eight months late, but I don’t care, and they weren’t to know when they bought it, now were they?


One thought on “So, yay!

  1. Congrats! And who needs up-to-date calendars when you have some nice pics to drool over? (e.g. the Chippendale calendar I used to have. Too bad August wasn’t _that_ attractive 😉 )

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