It appears I can’t make an appointment to see the optometrist without a referral-letter (from my GP, presumably). Why? My optician told me to see the specialist because he thinks I might need prisms in my glasses, and he wasn’t feeling comfortable enough to muck about with my eyes himself. Which I really do appreciate. My sight’s bad enough that I don’t want others’ mistakes to worsen them further.

But why do I need a referral to get into hospital?

And I don’t like my eyes much either right now for making me jump through these hoops just to accommodate them. Just work already! (A plea 21 years late, I know.)


One thought on “*vent*

  1. Always look on the bright side of life…

    Oh wait, you can’t!

    I crack me up 😉

    Seriously sis, this is bad luck 😦 You can give me all the gory details tomorrow while we stand in a (hopefully) non-existent line for the various roller coasters / other rides. The joys of going to an amusement park when rain is predicted. Although the weather reports don’t look so bad, they predict the following:

    – 30% chance of sunshine
    – 40% chance of rain
    – Rain about 2mm
    – Wind speed 4
    – 5 to 12 degrees Celcius

    Could be a lot worse 😀

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