For now we see through a glass, darkly

I’ve been to the doctor on October 27th. Yes, I need a new prescription, but because I have been wearing hard lenses for the past ten years, it’s not so easy to measure them. Something to do with the eyes still adjusting. So he told me to wear my glasses for two more weeks, and then come back to the orthoptist about the double images I’m reporting. I did point out that my current glasses are so old that I still can’t see properly, but in the end it was better than wearing my lenses. Hello two weeks of irritatedness and complaints about not being able to see the hand in front of my face. Yes, my eyes are really that near-sighted. At times I feel like Eli from Last of the Summer Wine. Or Mr Magoo.

(From a convo I’ve had with Bee after the second appointment) Once upon a time…there was a little girl in glasses. She did get a bit cross-eyed from time to time, but it never bothered her. Until she needed a new prescription, that is. Then the dreaded o-word surfaced. Because what the little girl reported, and what the woman with the title measured, didn’t match. And the woman with the title mentioned that an operation might be in the cards for the little girl. My eyes aren’t on eye-level (hur hur hur). Which could explain the double vision. New appointment in a month, to get a second measurement to compare with this one. The operation, to shorten one of the muscles in the eye, is now a mere shadow of a possibility. The doctor who actually does these things will be in then as well, as well as the doctor whose patient I am.

So the new appointment is scheduled for December 16th, when hopefully I’ll be awake enough. It’s also the time in wich the post gets snowed under by Christmas-mail. No leave allowed, and pleasepleaseplease we’re begging on our knees could you work more this month?


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