Dr Who Christmas Special 2008, The New Doctor

Cybermen! But Gorilla-Cybermen? Someone’s been reading Murders in the Rue Morgue. 😛

I did like the New Doctor. He was rather flamboyant, made me think of some of the earlier versions. Seven, maybe, with the combined dress-sense of Three and Six. All the same, I am glad they didn’t pull out the Chameleon-circuit again. We’ve had it twice, (with Family of Blood setting it up for the reveal in Utopia) let it rest a season or three. But the New Doctor was trying so hard to be the real thing, wasn’t he? Even if it was all the result of the backfiring infoshunt and the fugue-state after he’d lost his wife and kid.

I had the distinct feeling for most of the episode that Miss Hartigan was conspiring to be the Cyber King, and then it turned out that she never wanted to be. The term Cyber King flummoxed me, because I thought that the leader, so to speak, was called the Cybercontroller. Whether I believe that any human mind is strong enough to control the Cyberminds? Meh, the Doctor did. That’s good enough for me.

Hiding the Dreadnought there? THE THAMES DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY! I doubt the river at any point, and especially in London itself, is deep enough to comfortably hide a 20+meter-robot, even if it was crouching on its knees.

He actually went to have Christmas-dinner with the newly-restored Jackson Lake and family? That really takes some doing. Hope Lake and Rosita stick together. She has a good head on her shoulders. And he did want to keep her on as a nurse for his son.

If Miss Hartigan was so concerned for the children that she had the heads of the workhouses converted and then deleted, having the same kids work as disposables seems a bit contradictory. Unless the end justifies the means, in her view. Or I misunderstood what she was saying at the funeral.


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