*muttering and grumbling*

Or: How the Shiny can wear off pretty damned quick. I caved and bought a pretty purple iPod NaNo 16 Gb. Plus a cover and an electrical outlet-adaptor. I figured i had the appropriate iTunes installed already.

I hadn’t. I had iTunes 7.5. And I couldn’t upgrade to iTunes 8, because I needed Windows SP2 for that. Which I never installed, because it was supposed to be so buggy. And now I had to. Later Windows told me that something had gone wrong with the installation, and oh, I needed a lot of updates as well. (well, duh). Done them, rebooted, got iTunes 8 to install.

Then I had to register my New Shiny iPod. (So purple…it’s gorgeous!) When the programme tried to sucker me into setting up an account for the iTunes-store, I quit, and got it to GET ON WITH IT AND SYNCHRONIZEALREADY! It took me about two hours to get to this point.

Nice sound. Does it have a volume-setting, though?


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