Let’s go heffalumping!

The session went well enough. Of course, I want to strongly hint at the players to do what the adventure expects them to do! (Because of the limited time, I’m running something straight out of Dungeon.)

There’s also the slight matter of Authority. We’re a talkative group, and it can be hard to get a word in edgewise. And nerves, I had me some. Having a couple of players who needed to roll up characters helped in calming them.

As for the title of this post: the fighter and the barbarian, neither the sharpest hammer in the toolshed, went patrolling outside the manor the rest of the group was, for bodyguarding purposes. They kept the house in between them, and the footsteps in the grass convinced the fighter there were *gasp* multiple killers! He found the barbarian, and after some conferring they went to storm the house. See, they didn’t find the killers, so they had to be inside already! The fighter tried to get in through the front door, and got scolded by the cleric when she heard the ruckus. The barbarian went in via the backdoor. Upon seeing the daughter, he went ‘Euh, killers inside. Need to protect lady’, slung her over his shoulder and made to take her upstairs for her own safety. Picture a 2.10 mtr half-orc barbarian, dressed in leather and with a huge mohawk, with a smaller human female slung over his shoulder… He got a bigger earful from the cleric.


One thought on “Let’s go heffalumping!

  1. Good to hear things went well 🙂 I sent you a txt asking how it went, but you never replied 😦

    By the way, guess what I bought today?

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