I love the online bookstore I buy from. But when I ask them to put the books I ordered into one single package, I don’t expect them to send them out one by one! Especially since the books all had the same expected deliverytime (5-7 days). Which they passed anyway (not counting the weekends, or this past Monday, which is a holiday over here), since I ordered those books Saturday before last.

But, this copy of The Illustrated Man, by Ray Bradbury, has an amazing cover.


3 thoughts on “*sighs*

  1. Darn those online-bookstore-packing-people! You have to double-check everything 😉

    What else did you buy?

    -x- Sis

    1. It is annoying.

      Tides of War, by Steven Pressfield. Historical fiction about the Peloponnesian War.

      An Essay on Criticism, by C.S. Lewis. How we should read literature. (Protip: for enjoyment.)

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