Wait, I…bzuh?

So then, just sitting behind the computer, when I see movement from outside. Couple of women gesturing at me, that they want to talk to me. They’re probably somewhere in their forties, and look, based on the following conversation as well, like they’re from SE-Europe themselves. I get up and open the door.

“Buon giorno,” says one.
“Hi,” I say.
“You speak Italian?” she asks, in that language.
“No,” I say.
“Oh, I thought you were Yugoslavian,” she says, in Dutch.
I’m tempted to say that I’m not, but my neighbour is, but since they’re not asking after him, why should I? “No, I’m not,” I say.
“We thought you might be a foreigner or something, but you’re Dutch,” she says, and they walk off. Not in any way unfriendly or anything.
“Good day,” I say, and close the door.



One thought on “Wait, I…bzuh?

  1. *Blink, blink*

    Why, if they thought you were Yugoslavian, did they start talking to you in Italian?

    Weird foreigners! I should know, I’m one of them 😉

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