Less than 27 hours until my feet touch English soil again

And it was a good idea to check my flight-info again. After some freaking out and scurrying to easyJet’s site to check my booking, I found that taking the finished embroidery along would cost me an extra 50 or so. (18 or 22 for adding an extra bag, and 30 for changing my flight.) I is not well pleased, as you can imagine. When I booked I put in just the one hold-bag, because I didn’t foresee then that I’d be taking the embroidery along with me. or that it’d be too cumbersome to put in the same bag as my other things. Also, I don’t want to risk that: I put a lot of time and effort into it, and I want to show it off.

So now I’m going to mail it. Once I have found out exactly how to package it. Good thing I didn’t have it framed with real glass…


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