Dr Who, Waters of Mars

“I am the Timelord Victorious.” Oh, you’re going to get your balls kicked into orbit for this, mate. I don’t mind confidence in a man, but this is too much. You’ve finally taken the whole ‘Lonely god’-thing to heart, sad to say. Little people…Rose’d kick your arse for that. Even wet hen Martha would. And let’s not mention what Donna would do to you. (Yay, Donna and Wilf at Christmas! Looking forward to that.)

Of course, there’s the whole ‘Fixed point in time, sorry, can’t help. Have a nice, short, life’-thing, and him mentioning Pompeii again. Yeah, like he did nothing at Pompeii. Twat.

Still have to wonder about Captain Brooke. Really, how is shooting yourself in your daughter’s house going to inspire your granddaughter, even with the two survivors telling of your bravery at Mars? And do Daleks have that kind of ability, to recognise who’s going to be important in time? I know the TARDIS can. It did so with Jack in Utopia. (Oh, and the Master coming back as well. Not really surprising, given the end of Last of the Timelords.)

I wonder what was under the ice. And who were the Ice Warriors? Sounds like there was a story there.

It was a bit too much at times, the drama. It’s hard to feel sorry for people when you have barely come to know them. I feel I know more about Georg and Mikhail, and they only got talked about. All right, it does show Yuri is okay with gays and same-sex marriages.

‘Dogs are different.’ Now I am missing K-9. Damn.


One thought on “Dr Who, Waters of Mars

  1. Yes, the whole “I write the laws for Space and Time” thingy was a bit OTT. That’s what you get if you run around in the TARDIS without a companion to keep you on the straight-and-narrow.

    Why is Martha a wet hen, though? I figured she just got a rough deal, having to deal with a Timelord with a broken heart.

    (Rose is still my fav companion though, although Amy is climbing the ranks).

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