Dr Who, The End of Time pt 1

‘The Master-race’. Get bent, boyo.

I do hope poor Donna gets her head straightened out soon. The shock can’t be good for her. And I think that she is what’s connecting Wilf to the Doctor. Though why it is important that he never killed anyone while a soldier escapes me for now. And why is it settling that she’s engaged to someone on minimum wage? I know, Wilf means her life up until that point, what with thoise repressed memories around the corner, not allowed to come in. Still, doesn’t look good on the fiancé, does it?

BLOODY HELLFIRE. THE TIMELORDS ARE RETURNING? LIKE HELL. I mean, how? Aren’t they eradicated down to the last one. Well, apart from the Doctor and the Master. And why, being Timelords and all, do they want to end time? Doesn’t that put them out of business as well? I mean, at least the Daleks have a good reason for wanting to destroy everything.

I loved Lucy, just a bit. With what she did, and what she gave up. Biometric imprinting my arse. I doubt it works like that.

Gotta love the Silver Cloak. Old people get around, and in Minnie’s case, not far enough. 😉 I hope to be like that when I get that old.

I do hope Donna survives all this.


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