Dr Who, The End of Time, pt 2

Not enough Donna. I was really looking forward to her, and she was hardly there. I am heavily disappointed by this. Besides, she is still not cured. She still doesn’t know. What a crock. And she is not settling for less. Shaun seems a good guy, and he really cares for and loves her. What’s so wrong about that?

Martha and Mickey got married? Say what? Good on them, but yes, I would have liked to see some build-up to that. Really, it caught me blindsided.

Radiation and small booths and aliens…. I am, and always have been, your friend. Oh and, RTD, don’t do that again. With the music, and the radiation, and you’re all primed for the Doctor to die…, don’t go ‘Oh, he’ll survive for long enough for him to visit some of the people who have been close to him at one point or the other.’ It was a let down, for me. I hate being manipulated like that, really.

“Wonder what I would have been without [the drums].”

“Wonder what I would have been without you.” Heh. You should know by now, Doctor, that that sort of thinking never gets you anywhere.

Eleven seems to be as manic as Ten at the moment. “Geronimo!” Just don’t kill the TARDIS, there’s a dear.

Poor Jack. I just wanted to hug him, but I think Alonso will do that for me already. 😉

I posit that the woman talking to Wilf, and who turned out to be a Time Lord herself, was the Doctor’s mother. She could be Romana, I just thought of, but I hold that she was his mother. I don’t know why.

The Time Lords are real bastards, aren’t they? “Hey, this kid was rumoured to have gone insane by looking into the Time Vortex. Let’s make sure that he really does go insane, and mess with his head and implant this beat into his brain. That should get us, and Gallifrey, AND THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME WAR, out of this Lock. So we can destroy the universe.” Come back Davros, all is forgiven.

Oh, I do so hope that Nurse Redfern was happy, in the end.


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