Playing hookie

The past couple of days I took public transport to work, because of the snow that graced us with its presence on Wednesday and the following freezing nights. My shift ends at 4.15 a.m., the earliest the tram starts is 5.44 a.m.. Yeah, that means staying at work for an hour, upstairs because there wasn’t much extra work I could have done.

Yesterday, a coworker offered me a ride home. I took the offer. This was around 2 a.m. or so. Twenty minutes later, temp-workers were being sent home, because there wasn’t enough work left. That included the woman who’d offered the ride. Hmm, so I went over to her to talk about what to do now. It wasn’t feasible to ask her to wait an hour and a half for me. My supervisor walked past, was about to tell me to go back to work or something, then went, “She’s your ride?” After some deliberation, including that on Saturday the tram would start later than 6 a.m., I took out leave for the remaining part of my shift. I skived off work, but at least I got home before 7 a.m..

I have oodles of leave-time, because I rarely use any of it. I plan my vacations so that I only have to take of three shifts, at most.


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