Dr Who, 06×01 The Eleventh Hour

New Doctor, new logo, new themetune. I don’t know yet what I think of him. I keep expecting too much to see Tennant’s mannerisms in Eleven, which would be unfair to the both of them.

Of course, that he’d botch up when he’d be back was to be expected. When is the Doctor ever on time?

What bugged me, now that I think about it, is what happened at the end. The whole clip of ‘These are some of Earth’s enemies, these are her protectors, guess what, those are all me, are you sure you want to take me on?’ One of these days he’s going to run into someone who will take him up on that offer.

He was being an asshat what with the finding out his craving, and having Amelia cook for him. Honestly, do it yourself, boyo. You got two hands, use them! He is a lazy sod.

And the universe will end. Again. What a surprise. When doesn’t it, the past three or four seasons?

Anyway, Matt Smith. He doesn’t seem to do too bad right now. We’ll see how he develops further. I just need to stop comparing him to Tennant.


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