Dr Who, 06×03 Victory of the Daleks

Winston sounded rather American (the same kind of objection I have to the actor who’s taken over as Dumbledore).

From the way the Doctor was reacting to the Daleks when they were still Ironsides, I thought it was going to be more about ‘Everyone thinks the Doctor is irrational/insane until he’s finally proved right’. Or maybe not right. Having it turn out that the ironsides are really in our side, and not like the Daleks at all, would have worked for me as well, I think.

So, when is Amy going to get her own key? The other Companions got theirs fairly quickly, as I recall.

And what the hell is going on? At first, what with Amy having no memory of the Crucible at all, Bee and I thought we’d gotten into an alternative timeline. Bee also thought that since the Americans didn’t appear to be involved in this WW2. But it seems we didn’t. Amy’s having no memory seems to be part of the big overarching plot, related to the crack in her wall and what Prisoner Zero said. Huh.

Please, don’t let Amy be the umpteenth Companion to fall in love with the Doctor. Please. Yes, she does idolize him, maybe. Given when he appeared and everything, I can see that happening. But not in love with him. It makes me wish for a Companion who doesn’t fancy men in that way.
She is smart. She picked up on what the Doctor was trying to do with Bracewell, and that his method, of having Bracewell relive the worst moments of his life, wasn’t the way to do it. Happiness counts for more in the long run? It appears so. Also reminded me of Family of Blood/Human Nature, where those kind of questions failed to elicit the same kind response in John Smith. Human is as human does.

So, next time, Weeping Angels and River Song. I knew she’d come back, given that she said that she and the Docotor were married.


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