Dr Who, 06×04 The Time of Angels

Poor Amy. Is she really going to turn into an Angel, or has the Doctor averted that? I hope so.

What the heck are they looking for in the wreckage? It must be pretty damned important, to brave the Angel to get it.

I’ve heard of militant churches, but this is taking it rather far. Angelo, Christian, and Bob. The latter is not really a name you’d expect, would you? Sacred Bob, scared Bob. Poor kid. But yeah. Only idiots don’t get scared.

Was River only praising Amy because the Doctor was sadly lacking in that department, or does she know what’s going to happen to her? She seemed rather unperturbed about Amy’s being there, so either by the time she’s married the Doctor she knows Amy’s safely in his past, or she knows that Amy and the Doctor never get together. Or they’ll end up in a threesome. Whatever works best.

That diary River has. Is it the same thing that John Smith had? I don’t think we ever saw what happened to it, but I could have forgotten that bit, I admit.


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