Dr Who, 06×05 Flesh and Stone and 06×06 Vampires in Venice

I forgot to last week, so I’ll do them both now. [06×05] I was about ready to throw things at the screen when Amy kissed the Doctor. “No, bad companion! Stop hitting on the Doctor!” It’s just, argh, I don’t want to see another one to try and get into his pants, and that seemed to happen too much with Ten already.

Anyway, I think the good man, a hero to many, who River killed, is the Doctor. With the look she had on her face when she told him, and how she was adamant she couldn’t tell him anymore than that, how could it be anyone else? It’s either him or her father or something.

[06×06] “Ah good, I got the right cake this time.” *snerk* Way to make friends and influence people, especially when he went on to tell Rory what Amy had done. Taking Rory along was a good idea. Not like with Rose and Mickey, who was invited by Sarah Jane. I’m sure Amy loves Rory, but yeah, trekking across time and space, and getting into the kind of things the Doctor does, it does give you tunnel-vision.

And, Amy asked Rory to stay on at the end of all this. He was in this ‘This is your life, and I can’t compare to that. *sigh* I’ll let people know.’-mindset and she’s like ‘Hey, stay.’ D’awwww….

The-vampires-who-weren’t-vampires-but-fish-from-space were a bit ‘meh’. If you aren’t proper vampires, then don’t go swanning about dressed like the brides of Dracula. The book hasn’t been written yet, so you can’t have been influenced by that in order to make people think you are the real thing. Rosanna seemed to know of the Doctor, but she didn’t know of his massive love of Earth? No wonder she tried to get him to help her conquer his beloved humans. Not her smartest move.


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