Dr Who, 06×09 Cold Blood

Rawr! They did not just kill Rory! I will not allow it! I SHALL WRITE TO THE TIMES ABOUT THIS! IT’S A TRAVESTY! It’s complete and utter bollocks. The very idea. What on Earth possessed them to do this? And near the Crack as well, so now it’s like he’s never existed. Sometimes I hate this show, especially Shouty!Doctor high up on his moral horse. It’s so easy for an alien to come and lecture the silly apes humans.

And they will not be killing the TARDIS either. No. No way. It’s against the law, and if it isn’t, it should be.


2 thoughts on “Dr Who, 06×09 Cold Blood

    1. This episode bugged me so much. >.<

      At least they didn’t kill David Tennant. That’d be a hanging offense.

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