This is kind of sad, really

I’ve used a laundrette for the first time ever, today.

30 years, and I’ve never used a laundrette before. How sad is that?

It was also raining, but what with how hot it’s been the past weeks, that’s not surprising, really. We had a major thunderstorm this Saturday.


Also, I haven’t seen our stragglers for the past couple of days. I’m worried.


One thought on “This is kind of sad, really

  1. Why would you use a laundrette in your 30 years on this earth if you don’t have need of it? Doesn’t sound sad to me, sis 🙂

    Try not to worry too much about your stragglers, they’re probably around somewhere, drying their fur and cursing Spain and Paul the octopus.

    Love ya!

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