Sherlock Holmes, Study in Pink

I watched the first episode of Moffat’s and Gatiss’s Sherlock yesterday.

The adaptation to the 21st century worked better than expected. I will be watching next week.

Ha, the guy who tried to bribe Watson was Mycroft. I was right. Mycroft as envisioned by Alan Moore, though. I can’t recall Mycroft having had that much exposure in the stories. It’s a bit of a perplexing development of his character for me. I just don’t see Mycroft as being that deep into the covert stuff.

That business with Jennifer’s ring(s, since Holmes only talked about her wedding-ring, not the one she wore beneath that one). It does not, to me, prove she was an adulterer. Especially the second ring. I’d take that off before I went to bed, since it’s likely to catch in the sheets and tear them. Apart from that, there’s enough people who don’t want to wear even a smooth ring while asleep.
That her wedding-ring’s being dirty indicates her marriage was unhappy, I’ll concede. It does not, to me, indicate she was unfaithful. And we only have Holmes’s word for that.

What parents name their children Mycroft and Sherlock? Honestly.

Holmes reminded me of L, from Deathnote. Especially when he sat on his hunches in the chair. It’s the way he communicates with the outside world, preferring to text.

This follows Study in Scarlet quite closely in some ways.
* They cut out the backstory with the early Mormons, because that would not have gone down well, I’d wager. And it’d be untrue. Not counting various off-shoots, the Mormon church doesn’t do polygamy anymore.
* As with the stories, we’re unlikely to get a definitive answer where Watson was shot. He limped in the beginning, but told Holmes he was shot in the left shoulder.
* That business with the pills was very Wine In Front Of Me, very Princess Bride.
* When did we first see Holmes? When he was beating up corpses. *snerk*
* The place where they found Jennifer’s body in the series was where they found Enoch Drebber in the story.

It took Holmes a disgustingly long time to figure out the killer was a cabbie. Honestly. Mum and I knew around the time he first came with that ‘Who moves unnoticed through the city?’-speech.

Thrill of the chase, eh boys? Face it, you’re both addicts to these kinds of situations.

Watson was too far away to have heard Holmes’s conjectures to Lestrade about where to look for the shooter. He might have been worried otherwise. That look on Holmes’s face when he turned around and saw Watson standing there, and it dawned on him just who had shot the killer. Priceless.

Some minor quibbles include that the poison doesn’t get identified on-screen, and Moriarty’s apparent paying people for their crimes. I don’t recall that from the stories.


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