Sherlock Holmes, The Blind Banker

I wonder what the gospel according to Sherlock would be like. “Blessed are the observant, for they shall never be surprised. Unless it’s about relationships, because who needs them?

Compared to last week’s episode, I wasn’t as impressed with this one.

Mainly because Sherlock was too much of a rat-bastard in this one. I kept comparing him to Doyle!Holmes too much, which kind of killed Moffat!Holmes for me. Seeing Moffat!Holmes being able to defend himself I did like, because that does jibe with Doyle!Holmes.

It’s not so much he more or less kept Watson out of the game too much – the writing for this episode did that well enough on its own – it’s just, here you have a shiny new partner. Use him, for deduction’s sake!

I liked Sarah. Please, stay around. I mean, honestly, knocking out that guy with a lead pipe, and being able to joke about it afterwards, up in a strange flat with your new coworker/employee/date and his decidedly very strange flatmate, and finding out the both of them are even worse than students at keeping food around in their kitchen? (Seriously, not even a bottle of ketchup or something? Even Van Coon had multiple bottles of champagne, for crying out loud.) That takes character.
Of course, then there was the whole kidnapping and imminent threat of death, so at John’s “Don’t worry, next date’ll be better,” she’d be like “I’ll let you know once I get out of my shock. Don’t wait by the phone for it.”

Sherlock was utterly adorkable in his asking John why the latter was going on a date with Sarah. I mean, even high-functioning sociopaths know about the need to get off every once in a while, don’t they?
Why he needed to flirt with Molly so she’d show him and Dimmock the tattoos I don’t get. Wouldn’t that been mentioned in the autopsy-rapports?

As for plot…, yeah, it kind of lost me. I don’t know. It was a bit too much, I guess. From ciphers to smuggling to Tong to Moriarty. (On that note, it doesn’t surprise me he had Shan killed. Clearly, she had become a liability, at least in his eyes.)


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