Sherlock Holmes, The Great Game

If there’s not going to be a second season of Sherlock, I will hunt down those responsible and kill* them.

*Well, maybe just maim them**.
**All right, I’ll just hurt them.***
***Fine, I’ll give them a stern talking to.1
1I’ll write a letter to the Times.2
2I’ll sulk in my journal.

Place just got bombed, John’s worried sick and hurrying home (and why did the cops let him through? They known him by sight now?), only to find Sherlock almost torturing his violing while trading barbs with Mycroft. Life as usual, with blown-out windows, and still a head in the fridge.

I was wondering what Connie Prince’s site had to do with Sherlock, but now we know.

Poor Molly. First she gets told by Sherlock that her boyfriend of sorts is gay, and now it turns out he’s a consulting criminal who was probably only working at St Bart’s to get close to Sherlock. This is not going to be good for her ego. And Sherlock was being an insensitive twat about it in the process. The social grace-teachers just took the money and run, didn’t they?

Bloody stupid remark as well about John being all Queen and Country. I bet that was a good reason why he enlisted. I liked how he doggedly went around investigating the West-case, even if he was being followed by Sherlock who was being all smug ‘I’d solved it already, but I can’t have Mycroft think I’d do him any favour, now can I?’.
Even so, HOW THE HELL was West able to take the memory-stick with him? Top-secret plans, and he can swan off with them to show them off at his engagement-do? Really? This throws so much light on all those security-leaks governments keep having.
By the way, Joe, if you are losing money dealing drugs, u r doin it rong.

I liked John’s idea of getting Sherlock into the Prince’s house. Even if he missed Raoul de Santos. What, he never saw Are you being served? The only way Kenny would even more obvious a cliché gay man would be if he were being played by John Inman, may he rest in peace.

Hmn, updated analogy for the brain being an atticroom. I don’t know, I liked that better than the brain being a hard-drive. The latter’s not as poetic, I find. I’m odd, I know. And Sherlock needs to learn that not everyone thinks the same things as important as he does. But still the same contempt for John’s recollection of their cases. Some things never change.

Moriarty has the most annoying way of speaking, and I find myself hoping he gets killed just for that. Also, he’s a vengeful bastard, if he killed Carl Powers just because the boy laughed at him. He kept the shoes as trophies? It’s more likely than keeping them so twenty years down the line you can use them as pawns against a consulting detective who at the time of the murder was an eleven-year-old who couldn’t get the police to listen to him on account of being a snot-nosed little punk. Either that, or it was all a great coincidence.
Also, he was being much more cavalier about the dead people than Sherlock was. I am admitting to an enormous bias here, yes. I like Sherlock better, even if at times I shout at the telly because he’s being an inconsiderate bastard who needs to be taught tact with a clue-by-four. Like the opening-scenes, where he does little more than correct the guy’s grammar. A walk in Hyde park not cutting it anymore that you need to fly out to Belarus for some fresh air?
If our consulting criminal is going to burn the heart out of Sherlock, he needs to invite Donovan and Anderson. They’d like to see if the guy had one.
I wonder to what degree he has thoght things through. I mean, would he have foreseen the ending, and the bomb-jacket turns out not to be? Will this be the end of our intrepid duo? Find out, next time, same Sherlock-time, same Sherlock-channel.

Yay, Sarah! And according to John’s blog things aren’t going too bad, which is good. She’s overcome the near-death ending of their first date enough to keep seeing him. I like Sarah, and she had too little screen-time. Given that John can be fairly sure he’d be able to sleep at her place, even if only in a chair, and be welcomed back for left-over risotto, things aren’t going half bad.

The Irregulars have been updated, I see. In this day and age it’s not really advisable to use young kids, is it?
“You scratch their backs….”
“And then I disinfect myself, yes.”

It’s always a bad idea to introduce Sherlock to crappy tv. It does make you wonder what he was watching. Maury Povich? Are there many British shows which deal with uncertain paternities? And who bought that screen in the first place? Mycroft?

That look on Sherlock’s face at the pool. I must admit, I also, for a brief moment, thought a) John was Moriarty, or b) Moriarty was John’s super-identical twin. Then Jon started talking, in the same kind of voice as the other victims, and I retroactively went to myself ‘He’s wearing a winter-coat in a pool that’s warm enough that Sherlock took his off. OF COURSE HE’S NOT MORIARTY, YOU TWIT!’ And then with the self-sacrifice, which didn’t work out. But John is still not Sherlock’s pet. Ever. And the getting John out of the explosives.
“Well I’m glad no one saw that.”
“You, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool, people might talk.”
“People do little else.”


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