I am beyond feeling ashamed at this

In a fit of Holmes-obsession, I’ve reread the book-canon over the past week. Also, I rererereread Study in Emerald, Gaiman’s fanfic/crossover. It’s worth a read, I highly recommend it.

And then I realised: who wrote SiE.

Bookcanon is for the most part written by Watson.

In SiE, it turns out it’s not Holmes&Watson as the protagonists, but Moriarty&someone else. It’s the someone else who wrote down SiE. He does give his initials, but not his full name, and I wondered off and on who the writer was.

It took me until I reread The Adventure of the Empty House that I realised.

SiE is written by Sebastian Moran, Moriarty’s right-hand man.

I refuse to feel embarrassed about this. I did, for about five seconds, and then thought, ‘There’s not many stories Moran is in to begin with. I can be forgiven for this.’ It’s the small things in life, I guess.

But really, I do recommend Gaiman’s take for Holmes-fans.


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