Another year, another bookfair

This year, I got:

The Tough Guide to Fantasy Land, by Dianne Wynne Jones.
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn/Service of all the Dead, by Colin Dexter.
The Wench is Dead, by Colin Dexter.
Last Bus to Woodstock, by Colin Dexter.
The Riddle of the Third Mile, by Colin Dexter.
The Way Through the Woods, by Colin Dexter.
Last Seen Wearing, by Colin Dexter.
The Dead of Jericho, by Colin Dexter.
The Secret of Annexe 3, by Colin Dexter.
The Jewel that was Ours, by Colin Dexer.
Eats, Shoots and Leaves, by Lynne Truss.
Odd and the Frost Giants, by Neil Gaiman.

Lots of Inspector Morse. *glee*


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