Slightly less than a week-and-a-half until the Dr Who Christmas-special. Yay!

New series not until Spring 2011. Boo! And the second half of that not until Autumn 2011. Boo!

New season of Sherlock inbetween new series of Dr Who. Yay!

Martin Freeman to play Bilbo in The Hobbit. Yay!

Let’s hope this doesn’t wreak havoc with possibly shooting a third season of Sherlock. Because I hate when established characters suddenly get played by new actors. And you can’t you have Sherlock without his Boswell blogger.

According to IMDB, which I trust about as far as I can spit against the wind when it comes to preproduction-news, David Tennant is also to be in The Hobbit. If only, I’d die of geeky glee.

Fairly ascertained rumours that Stephen Fry is going to play Mycroft in the second Sherlock Holmes-movie, along with RDJ (of course) and Jude Law. Out in December 2011. Too long.


One thought on “*geek*

  1. Sis, your blog is still alive! Joy to the world 😀

    Hmmm, Stephen Fry, that’s nice. I suddenly see him in a whole different light since I read his second autobiography.

    Love you!

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