Dr Who Christmas Special 2010 A Christmas Carol

Eeeh! It’s not proper Christmas without a special, is it?

Fish! Fish everywhere! Dude, I liked the fish. Don’t really know why, but they were cool.

So the counting-down was the days Abigail had left, not how many more times she could be refrozen (which was my first theory). Her being frozen because of her illness made me think of Mr Freeze.

“I am a mature and responsible adult!” *hacks up a lung she’s laughing so hard.* At times I’d hesitate to call him an adult.

The Doctor’s whole attitude to the other sex made me wonder… Dude, you were married once upon a time! (And will be again, to River, though yeah, that’s still in your future. I’m sure you know some of the basics of dealing with a potential significant other. I like goofy, nerdy men, but every once in a while it would be nice if your head was on the ground where your feet are.

“Boredom, where did it come from?” It’s something us humans invented to have something to do between the exciting bits.

‘Surplus population’. Who the hell thinks like that? More than enough people, I know, but it’s a reprehensible attitude. You don’t get to decide who’s surplus to requirements, and you certainly don’t get to freeze them. Sardic sr. was a real bastard. See also how he treated his son. Blargh.

Playing the Ghost of Christmas Future was a real bastard-move on the Doctor’s part. It worked, but he was being a jerk in doing so. But, nothing so effective like realising you turned into the one thing you hate the most.

Not a bad episode in all. Mel thinks it was a bit contrived in places, to keep in line with the original story. I think it needed more Amy and Rory, even though they did look good and aww, happy couple! And fish! Proper flying fish! What’s not to love?


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