Sherlock 2×01 A Scandal In Belgravia

So, finally Season 2 started. What did I think?

Well, I about died from the shout-out overload within the first five minutes. Hatman and Robin? The hat in question? I about died laughing. The Navel Treatment? (I agree, as much as I love puns, this was just plain sad.) The Geek Interpreter? (I read the write-up, sounds cool enough.)

But how the showdown ended? Oh dear God, after about a year and a haf of being bombarded by speculation, I am not sure if this was the best ending ever, or the worst. And Moriarty has a bad taste in ringtones. Unless Moran had anything to do with that. *shifty eyes* Also, I want Moran in S2. Pretty please?

Making Irene a dominatrix…, I don’t know. In book-canon she was an actress and an adventuress, and as I recall in Victorian tmes actors were considered to be pretty loose in their morals. But there’s a difference between that and being a professional sex-worker.
It’s not the BDSM-aspect. Your kinks are your own, I’m not judging. It’s more the sex-worker part. Really, you made her a prostitute? Really? Is that the only way a woman can amass the amount of information she has? Really?
She was smart, though in the end not smarter than Sherlock. A shame, since she is in book-canon. Reports of her death have been exaggerated, as I expected. I didn’t believe the first time, nor did I the second one. Metagaming I know, I watched too many of these shows. I didn’t believe it in Criminal Minds either. (And Lord did it piss me off there!)
Mycroft and John scheming what to tell Sherlock of Irene’s fate…”She’s gone off to live on the farm in America, and can’t contact you. No Wi-Fi on the farmWitness Protection, you know what that’s like.”

Oh, how the boys are protective of Mrs Hudson. Scolding Mycroft for yelling at her, and Sherlock and the American agent. It’s a good thing they left her alive, or he would have been really pissed. And the agent in pieces, most likely. John would have helped. Also, Mrs Hudson is freaking awesome. She’s a lot smarter than she appears to be, and I like that in a character. As Irene said, ‘Brainy is the new sexy.’

“Punch me in the face. Didn’t you hear me?”
“I always hear ‘Punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking, but it’s usually subtext.”

“You want to remember Sherlock, I was a soldier. I killed people.”
“You were a doctor.”
“I had bad days!”

Oh boys, so adorable when squabbling. ❤ And now I want John Watson to meet Eliot Spencer. Granted, John isn't half the fighter Eliot is – but then, no one is – but they both seem to have the same streak of BAMF in them.

I kinda wish Molly had socked Sherlock at the Christmas-party. Dick deserved it, and the others would have cheered. Physical violence is always the answer! And he was doing so well up until that point, seeming to remember how to act like a proper human being.

Then again, what with Mycroft as his older brother…talk about Ice Men. Must have made a comforting childhood.

On the whole, I’m not sure what I think of it. In parts, you could tell that it’s the same creative team behind the current Dr Who, since I did think that at points you could have put in Eleven with Sherlock’s lines and it would not have seemed out of character. There’s the same obliviousness to sex and its intricacies, and at times utter disregard, or complete blindness, to the needs of others, if not the existence of others. I liked Irene playing both Holmeses, since she so would, and I like her still being alive. I wonder if she’ll return.


One thought on “Sherlock 2×01 A Scandal In Belgravia

  1. Little tease! It’ll probably take a couple of months for the new season to cross the oceans to Aotearoa… You’ll have to tell us all the spoilers come March 😉

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