This week on ‘As The Mail Turns’…

One of the team leaders got put on non-active. He was new, only started shortly before Christmas-rush, and still in training. I thought he was OK, if a bit too enthusiastic and jovial, but not a bad sort. We all need to find our footing, don’t we?

Then he kissed one of my coworkers last Friday. On the cheek, yes, but still… Dude! You don’t do that! It freaked her out. During break we told her she had to report it, which she did. Monday I heard she hadn’t been the only one. He had made other women uncomfortable by standing way too close, in a manner that they didn’t like.

So yeah, here’s hoping we don’t see him again. I don’t know what exactly this company’s sanctions are regarding sexual intimidation, but hopefully it’s getting fired.

(Also, guys-at-table-during-that-break, the solution to this all is not to say we need a female team leader, so she can kiss the men. Just… no.)


7 thoughts on “This week on ‘As The Mail Turns’…

  1. Sometimes you feel that men would quite like to be sexually intimidated by female co-workers… Preferably while she was wearing a Dominatrix suit.

        1. FYI, the first panel used to read: “My favourite time lord is Doctor Who”, until all the other geeks pointed out that his name is just ‘Doctor’.

        2. I can name all the geek-references, including Sinestro. Without looking them up. Go me?

          Also, the second panel made me laugh. The Enterprise never broke the Prime Directive? Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

          1. Read through the archives. I can guarantee you’ll LOVE that comic! A word of warning though: Adam makes fun of everything under the sun, and Christians sometimes get short shrift.

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