Sherlock 2×02 The Hounds of Baskerville

Hmn, yes. How the hell does John manage to live with Sherlock without killing him? I’d be entertaining fantasies every friggin’ day. The man’s a saint.

I liked the harpoon-bit, but I am a sucker for references to ACD-Holmes. Like Sherlock’s interrogating of the ‘grieving widow’ in The Great Game, and the guide in this one.

Opening was standard ‘Watch us be mysterious.’ I was thinking ‘This is how George became a werewolf’ and then it turned out Russel Tovey was in it. Huh. Wonder if he’ll ever get rid of that image. (That’s unkind, I admit. Being Human isn’t bad.)

All the talk about Dewer’s Hollow being such a bad place…. After the second repetition I found myself wondering about suggestibility. Is it really that bad, or are people expecting to feel bad because they have been told they should feel uncomfortable? I’m leaning towards the latter, given the rest of the episode.

(Long coat + conspiracy theories + aliens? Captain Jack Harkness needs to visit this place!)

So you feel the need to be faithful to the original tale, and then you stick in an army base, with animal testing? Yeah. where’s that in the book, mr. Moffat? Also, you replaced the escaped prisoner-storyline with the local version of lovers’ lane. Sure, why should you have John do something worthwhile? Yes, I am bitter about this.

Psychological warfare, as I suspected during the ‘Let’s drive John insane at the lab’-scene. Even though I didn’t know Sherlock was responsible for that. No jury would convict you, John! Well, maybe a few.
I thought that during the ‘Let’s drive Henry insane at his house’-scene. Well, I thought ‘gaslighting’. After the bit about the drugs, and my previous thought, concluding it was Frankland wasn’t hard. Who, as if straight from an episode of ‘When Smart People Do Dumb Things’, ran into the army minefield. Which he would have known was there, given where he worked. Also, what semi-secret operation has shirts made?

Also, the ending. What the fuck? When did Mycroft get his hands on Moriarty? Why did he let him go? Especially when you took in the state of Moriarty’s cell. Obsessed somewhat begins to cover it.

I am somewhat disappointed in the series. Not the performances. Benedict Cumberbatch does a decent Holmes, both as a deducing machine and someone who finds out he occasionally has feelings, and I have no problems with Martin Freeman either. I like his Watson. I expected more of the creative team behind it. I like what they’ve done with the current seasons of Dr Who, and then this… I don’t know. Maybe my expectations were too high.


2 thoughts on “Sherlock 2×02 The Hounds of Baskerville

  1. Maybe ex army doctors have an ‘at least he’s not shooting bullets at me’ attitude? Stick and stones, etc. After all, Holmes never tries to hurt John physically (on purpose I mean, not like the accidental poisoning in ‘The adventure of the Devil’s Foot’).

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