Ahhh, Christmas-loot…

Even late, is some of the best loot. My in-laws gave me tea. And a TARDIS. I love my in-laws.

Bee gave me Sherlock Season 2. *glee* There’s something about having people in your life who know you.


Today we went into London, stopping off at Forbidden Planet. I got some comics (Justice League International, Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and Blue Beetle, all post-Reboot.) Also, since I have no shame and I am a big fan, a figurine of Booster Gold. I is very happy.


5 thoughts on “Ahhh, Christmas-loot…

      1. Well, where shall I start?

        1. They changed their London from Gatwick to Heathrow (or the other way around, I forgot)
        2. They told us that they weren’t flying from London any more, so our return flight would be leaving from Paris.
        3. They told us our return flight was cancelled, we now have been transferred to Malaysia Airlines. They conceded their European rights to Malaysia Airlines, in trade for Australian rights. Which is all nice and good for them, but it’s VERY BAD to just drop flights like that. I will NEVER fly with AirAsia again after this trip.

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