We See Through A Glass Darkly

Back when I did confirmation, my pastor asked me if I was interested in doing Scripture-readings during service. She liked how I read things out loud, hence the question. I said sure, and heard nothing more about it until this year.

After some back and forth and noting when I’d be available, I ended with two Sundays. This one, and Palm-Sunday (April 1st).

Yes, I was nervous. I had read the pieces through beforehand, in the translation used at my church, so that was fine. There’s just the whole ‘Standing in front of a large group of people and hoping you don’t lose your voice halfway through’-feeling.

Things went well. After service people told me I did well, had a good voice and was speaking clearly. *glee* It’s nice to know you did well.

Scripture read: 1 Corinthians 13 (Paul’s ode to love), and Luke 18: 31-43 (Jesus’ being cryptic to his disciples, and the healing of a blind man on the way to Jericho).


7 thoughts on “We See Through A Glass Darkly

    1. Jesus, through Joseph, is a descendant of King David. There’s a lot of prophecies that from this house the Messiah will come, who will reunite Israel and bring glory and honour and general good things.

      (After David’s death, things started to go a bit downhill, since none of the kings that followed were as righteous as he was, eventually leading to the splitting of Israel, and being taken over by the Babylonians. But this took place over the course of a couple of centuries.)

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