That was unexpected…

The other day I took out of the library Seeking Major Tom by none other than James ‘Can’t keep his shirt whole’ Kirk William Shatner. It was in the ‘New Acquisitions’-bin, and my main reasoning was ‘This has potential to be hilarious’.

Which it was, in a way. It’s a two-disc album with Shatner and featuring artists’ covers of songs like Twilight Zone, Rocket Man, Space Oddity, the last one being the song that inspired Shatner to make the album.

It is a hilarious album, yes. Not because it’s so bad it’s good, because it is rather good. Better than I expected it to be, really, given I had no previous ideas of Shatner’s vocal abilities. And he doesn’t try to sing anyway. It’s more spoken word set to music, like Leonard Cohen, than actual singing. Which is good, because he tries to on Bohemian Rhapsody, and I am sorry Bill, but no. You don’t have the voice for that.

Yeah, I do like this album.


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