There’s always Monday

Now, I need a Declaration of Good Behaviour* for work, given that what we handle is sensitive material. It’s something the temp-agency requires, and I will get reimbursed for the costs. Fine. Thing is, I handed one in when I started working for the agency again. It seems they can’t find it. OK, small problem, but didn’t mind too much applying for a new one. I do mind sitting at the municipal population register for over two hours, before lunch. I left because I was hungry, and light-headed from that and today’s heat, and I didn’t want to take that out on the person behind the counter.

I tried to make an appointment on-line, but that didn’t work as needed either. I’ll just go back Monday, early in the morning.**

*Basically, it gets issued by the Department of Justice and states ‘This person does not have a criminal record, and is allowed to do the work this person needs this Declaration for.’

**You can either make an appointment on-line for things like this, or take your chances and come in in the morning, risking that you have to wait for more than three hours for a process that takes about five minutes.


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