What a movie…

Bee and I saw The Avengers yesterday. It was AWESOME!

But whyowhy did they kill off Coulson? Pepper will be so displeased about this. You just know that they had coffee on a regular basis, in order to bitch about work, and Stark, and heroes, and Stark, and Fury, and Stark. Because he and Pepper might be dating, but I can see her still needing to vent about Stark to someone she trusts. In my head, Romanov is there as well. I got the impression at the end of Iron Man 2 she and Pepper liked each other.

But Coulson’s death…. Yeah, I can see how it fits into the story, given that he was the only one who knew all the individual Avengers (though I’ve never seen him with the Hulk. I haven’t seen either Hulk-movie). But death? I’m still sulking. Sue me, I liked Coulson, and would have liked to see more.

Fury is a rat-bastard, using Coulson’s memory and his trading-cards of Cap to boot the Avengers in the arse.

Why did Loki allow himself to get captured? At first, it seemed he wanted the Hulk, but he never went after him once Hawkeye’d sprung him. Was it all an elaborate ruse to take down S.H.I.E.L.D? Which I can totally understand.

For such a bunch of individual individuals, all of whom are stubborn mules at times, they worked well as a team first time round. Sure, things could be improved, but they’d need to stick around after saving New York in order to train together. Steve does well as a leader, but then he’s the only one who’s worked in a team before. Even Tony can work with the guy, and that’s aftet Loki’s sceptre behaved like the One Ring. I half expected it break out in the Black Speech when they were all arguing in Bruce’s lab.

When the Hulk went after Romanov, he seemed like a mindless beast. But later, when Bruce came back to New York, and said that the secret was that he was always angry, it seemed like he could control the transformation, and the Hulk didn’t hit anyone but the aliens, and Loki. Fine, he did hit Thor, but Thor had it coming, I guess. And he caught Tony after the latter was being stupid. Again. For such a smart man, Tony can be awfully dumb. PLAN AHEAD, YOU IDIOT!

The alien transports looked rigging cool.

Because I am a geek, and inspired by Hawkeye trying to shoot Romanov while she was standing right behind him, which provokes an Attack of Opportunity, you maroon… I’d build Hawkeye as a ranger with the archery-path, and a Quiver of Ehlonna, Romanov as a rogue/assassin, Tony as an artificer (Eberron), Bruce a cleric/barbarian, and Thor as a quasi-deity fighter with an artifact. I’m just not sure about Steve.

I wonder what happens to Loki now Thor has taken him back to Asgard. How angry is Odin liely to be? Also Loki, yer not a god. Yer a Frost Giant.

The 3-D was disorienting at times. I never really got used to it.


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