White Collar 4×01 Wanted

Oh White Collar, you have returned to me at last. For a conman, Neal can be rather naive. Just because you pay the man for protection, doesn’t mean he’s not going to sell you out to the state-sanctioned bounty hunter. Even though you are living in a country that doesn’t have an extradition-treaty with the US. Even though the agent tasked with getting your arse back to the US so you can preferably stand trial has a reputation of bringing his targets back in a bodybag nine times out of ten.

I half suspected Mia to be the one to sell out Neal. I am suspicious, I admit. About the only people who were on the island I wouldn’t suspect would be Mozzie and Peter. The reunion between Neal and Peter was adorable. Aww, they missed each other. Bromance for life, yo.

EL *squees gleefully* The major reason I watch this show. Succeeding in picking up women where her husband fails. Fine, it was nothing like that, but she did manage to get ms Parker to talk to Peter about Neal where Peter himself failed. Peter is pants at flirting. Go El, I have faith in you.


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